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Event organisers, musicians and performers, or anyone who wants some useful lowdown on the folk circuit in the CV postcode area – we hope this part of the CVFolk website offers something of practical use.

We’ll add links as and when something crops up that might be of value to support your existence as a folk aficionado. Contributions and/or suggestions for potentially valuable resources are welcome – email your ideas and we’ll follow them up..

1. Getting positive media coverage for your club

For starters, here’s an article by Pete Willow (former university lecturer in Journalism and PR), originally published by Folk21 and offering advice to folk event organisers on how to get some decent media coverage. This was based on a presentation to club organisers in the West Midlands, back in 2017 and proved to be a popular resource. Technology may have moved on, but the basic principles are the same if you want the local press and broadcast media to take notice of what’s happening at your venue.

Follow this link:

How To Get Journalists to Love Your Folk Club

and see if the advice works for you.

2. Getting clubs to book your act

Looking for the venue most likely to book your act – and encouraging them to do so? Michael McEntee has some handy advice for artists sending out unsolicited requests for gigs – well worth taking on board as he is former owner of The Big Comfy Bookshop, a popular Coventry venue which used to stage many excellent nights of leading folk and acoustic musicians. Here’s the video link:

Seven tips on contacting a venue for a gig