Scratchy Beard in Concert

November 13, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Live and Local
Harborough Magna Village Hall
Main St, Harborough Magna
Rugby CV23 0HS
£15 (members £10)

An evening of songs and storytelling inspired by the swing and melodies of gypsy jazz, adorned by the storytelling spirit of Anglo-Celtic folk and spiced with a gentle nod to rootsy blues. Experienced performers, Scratchy Beard are an up-beat and enjoyable live quartet. _________________________________________________________________

Spesh: vocals, guitar Sara: cello Greg: drums Laura: clarinet, organ, melodica & tin whistle

What happens if you take the intoxicating swing and feel of gypsy jazz, add storytelling songs inspired by English and Celtic folk, and throw in a pinch of bluesy roots & rhythm? Gypsy-jazzy-rootsy-folk, of course! Experienced performers, Scratchy Beard are an up-beat and enjoyable live quartet offering something a little different: very accessible roots/alt-folk/gypsy jazz music with an ear-catching line up of guitar, cello, drums & clarinet with, at times, three-part and four-part harmonies along with a reed organ, tin whistles, melodica & bottle-top slide guitar.

Scratchy Beard perform at venues and festivals all over the country, they sing a song or two in French and enjoy the occasional appearance of a blues melodica and tin whistles. They often reveal the engaging stories behind the songs they perform, which assists in creating a good connection with audiences. Having met in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Scratchy Beard are well-known in the Warwickshire area and have previously performed at the RSC.

Describing themselves as ‘a cocktail of died-in-the-wool touring musos, classically trained instrumentalists and a celebrated illustrator.’ Founder member Spesh Maloney has scored and sound-designed for several feature films, film-shorts and theatre shows including the award-winning BBC documentary: Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster. Prepare yourself for an entertaining evening journeying through an upbeat, fun and sincere collage of trans-European roots music.

“Last time they packed the place out so maybe it’s best to get here early!” – Stratford Alehouse “…an upbeat, sincere & delectable collage of trans-European roots music”

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