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Hicks & Goulbourn – ‘with a splash of seasoning’ @ Tump Folk Club
Dec 19 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Judy Cook (USA) @ Tump Folk Club
Apr 2 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Judy brings a powerful voice, a great-unaccompanied style and a deep respect for tradition to her performances of a huge repertoire of (mostly) American songs and ballads.

Judy’s singing is marked by a command of narrative that pulls the audience in to really understand what the song is about. Her style and presentation are “a credit to the sources”. Folks come away from a Judy Cook concert with fresh insight into old songs and the warm feeling of having joined with others in plenty of choruses and harmonies. They take with them musical memories: the flirtatious charm of a young maid’s teasing love song, the gripping story of a classic ballad, the exhilaration of a rousing gospel, the silly delight of an animal song, and many more.

Judy lifts the spirit and entertains us with programs drawn from her vast and varied repertoire of traditional songs and ballads from the English speaking world – American songs from North Carolina’s Outer Banks to the Southern Appalachian Mountains; from the Ozarks up to New Hampshire, Maine and eastern Canada; and across the Atlantic to songs from England and Scotland. These she presents along with her personal memories and research in a straight-forward unaccompanied style.

Judy’s command of narrative style and deep respect for traditions have earned admiration on both sides of the Atlantic. We find ourselves captured by the timelessness of these old songs; delighted with Judy’s ability to discover the best of them, and her skillful use of phrasing and understanding to take us inside the songs, sharing the joys, sorrows, concerns and delights of the unknown poets who wrote them so many years ago and the real people who have been singing them since. You can’t help but have a wonderful time.

Kath Tait (NZ) @ Tump Folk Club
Jun 11 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Kath Tait is a singer songwriter from New Zealand, living in London. She writes about her life as a carer, a hippy, an itinerant bard and a wholefood freak. Described as ‘wonky and eccentric’ she is an empathetic and intelligent lyricist. Her new songbook, ‘An Odd Number of Songs’ comprising both lyrics and chords is available from her bandcamp site.